Personal Narrative: I Am Mexican-American

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I’m normal. Too normal. I come from a nuclear, upper middle class family. Mom, Dad, one girl, two boys. You’ve heard it all before. The only distinguishing feature about us is that we’re Mexican-American. My neighborhood is so safe, I haven’t seen a patrol car pass by in years. The only real danger I’ve ever been in was a fender bender. I grew up in Weslaco, Texas. It’s pretty corrupt, but what small government isn’t? I’m not gonna jump through hoops trying to make myself seem like I’m the best thing to happen to the world since the wheel. I don’t need to have a traumatic experience to know my worth, how to treat people, and to know that people can do pretty bad things when they get pushed to their limits. My life is pretty average and humdrum.…show more content…
You might think that living an uneventful life would be a blight on someone’s spirit, but on the contrary, it has sparked a fire in me. Now you might be thinking to yourself, “Wait a minute, this kid sounds like a boring chump, there’s nothing special about him at all.” You are right to some degree, but to a larger degree I have a strong desire for change and adventure. I have been instilled with a passion to make a change and get something done for once. Additionally, I have so much free time, that I will work on something with all my time and effort. The “Hero 's Journey” has the first step as “The Call for Adventure.” Up until now, the one task that has really stressed me out was the transition from Pre-AP to AP classes. The first AP class that I ever took was AP U.S. History. That was the time when I felt like I wasn’t good enough at all.…show more content…
You need to grow as a person. Living the college life will be a nice change of pace. I will learn how to sustain myself and how live every day as an “adult.” It will test me like I’ve never been tested before, but I’m keen to the challenge. I can already see myself experiencing this once in a lifetime experience and going to classes to learn from these great minds. But this is not where my journey ends. I can’t wait to use the knowledge that I gain from college and apply it into my career. To make it past the next biggest trial to come before me and emerge victorious is my biggest dream. I am very eager and anxious to begin this next chapter of my life, and I hope you will give me that
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