Personal Narrative: I Am Mexican-Americans

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Be who you are and don 't let anyone tell you otherwise. These are some words we 're hearing more and more everyday ever since the recent election. A lot of issues have come up ever since the election. People are literally scared because of what the future has to offer with the new elected president. That isn 't something that anyone should have to go through just because of they who are and what they identify as. I am Mexican-American. Both of my parents were born in Mexico while I was born here in the United States. I personally haven 't had many racial interactions but I do remember this experience my dad had that he told me. His experience wasn 't even that long ago, it had just happened a few months back. He was at a store talking to this person and they had started to laugh at him. When my dad had asked him what 's so funny, the person told him if he doesn 't know English that well, then why is he speaking it and that he should just go back to where he came from (Mexico). People who are ignorant like the person who was talking to my dad that way are the people who need to think twice before they say something. They don 't know the story of others so why assume that they do and just jump to the…show more content…
Like the saying says, "You can 't judge a book based on its cover." If people do this, then they won 't improve themselves as an individual. Last year, I use to work at this fast food restaurant. I remember one of my older coworkers, who happened to be a Hispanic woman, taking an order to this man. He was being so rude to her, yelling racial comments to her that the manager had to get involve. But my coworker just stayed calmed throughout the whole situation. She gave the man a brief introduction of who she is, where she 's from, and why she 's working. The man just stood there quietly and apologized to her for
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