Personal Narrative: I Am Mica Herrin

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I am Mica Herrin, a struggling college student from a provincial town in the middle of nowhere with a bank account that is composed mostly of some change I found in the fountain, but my lineage is a story that consists of much more. My family is vibrant and diverse, spanning across most of the west coast, the mid west, the south of the United States, as well as into northern Europe. We are a ragtag collection of farmers, intellectuals, artists, and creepy uncles all with our own unique tales of travel, wonder, and woe. My personal story begins in the Mobile Infirmary in Mobile, Alabama on July ninth, 1996. As the second child of Kevin and Darla Herrin, I spent the first three years of life in Mobile, Alabama before continuing my life journey to Dallas, Texas. My brother, Tyler, and I were curly headed children raised in the YMCA and rode our bikes around the stockyards getting into as much trouble as we possibly could. I lived in Texas until I was nine and then we moved…show more content…
He was born in Enid, Oklahoma as the youngest of five siblings. The Herrin family lived on an unsuccessful farm during the dust bowl. When both of his parents passed at an early age, all of the siblings loaded up on a truck and headed west to find work. The family worked many odd jobs along the way before living in Lake Mead, Nevada for a few years to work on the Hoover Dam. The Herrin family eventually settled in Kennewick, Washington, where John graduated high school. After school, John lied about his age and joined the military when he was seventeen. He joined the navy, but most of his time was spent on aircraft carriers working as an airplane mechanic on Corsair prop planes. He was also actually one of the first mechanics on a navy jet when they transitioned. John was stationed in Jacksonville, Florida before beginning two trips around the world. Most of his time at sea was spent in the Mediterranean, including Italy and Spain (John
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