Personal Narrative: I Am Moa

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According to Starbucks baristas, I am Maya, Maura, or Mia, but to those who know me I am Moya. I was born in Ireland at a time when my parents had no plans to move to America, but two years later my father’s job had us living in a small town just outside of Boston. Though Moya is a common name in Ireland, it is not so common here in the US. Here I am given other names that are similar but not quite right, names which connect me to cultures that are not mine. Maya is Indian. Maura is Italian. Mia is German. Moya is Irish: I am Irish.
Moya is a name that connects me with my Irish culture through famous Irish women. Moya Brennan is an Irish folk singer, songwriter, and harpist. Music is a very important part of Irish culture and Moya
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