Personal Narrative: I Am Not A Quitter

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“I am not a quitter... I am not a quitter.” With sweat dripping down my whole body, my foot took a monstrous step into the mud pit and displayed the results. The sun cooked my vulnerable arms while I exited the woods with my muddy feet. Following the faint noises of the crowd and my teammates, I managed to find my way out of the woods. My pounding heartbeat plugged my ears and all I could hear were my own taunting thoughts. Can I finish? Is it over yet? Come on, I am not a quitter. All summer, my friends and family encouraged me to do cross country. “Come on - get involved! Be part of a new team!” They insisted. I ignored them, being the stereotypical teenager, I thought I was right. How did they know? They didn’t do cross country, I thought... but didn’t say. About three weeks before school started, I caved in and went to a practice with Sam. She as well had mixed feelings about it, like me. Waking up bright and early that morning, I…show more content…
Being able to accomplish this difficult and crucial meet, put a giant, ear to ear smile on my face. It didn 't matter to me that I wasn 't first or that I wasn 't super fast, just completing the race was my goal, and I made that happen. Although I didn 't listen to my parents initially, I realized that they were right. This season of cross country let me figure out that I, as a matter of fact, enjoyed it. It encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone and help me meet different people. This season was so much fun, I intend to run cross country for the rest of the years I 'm in high school. My parents always ask, “Do you like it? Is it what you thought it was going to be?” The answer is always yes. Looking back, I have figured out that my parents are my biggest supporters, and know what is best for me. I am glad I listened to them because it led me to cross country. One of my goals is to focus on improving my personal times. Cross country has shaped me into a stronger athlete, a supportive teammate, and ultimately, a
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