Personal Narrative: I Am Patient Trennon Thompson

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On Monday, May 16 2016 At 1100 AM Patient Trennon Thompson was discharged from JMH. Escorted to the E.D. lobby by myself Officer Legg. Then I proceeded to go to the Heart Hospital to make my tour for the morning. While I was standing in the atrium around 1115 I noticed the patient I just escorted out was walking into the heart lobby with a woman Ellen Laney. as they entered the atrium she was yelling that he just hit her. So I pursed Thompson through the breeze way to the parking garage stopping him and asking him if he had hit that women back there he told me no I was just standing to close to her I was just asking for a ride home. I proceeded to escort Thompson off campus and stayed in the heart parking lot making sure he did not come back. Then I met with SGT. Thomson and we drove over to where he was last seen to question him. He was not there so after that we had drove back to the heart hospital atrium and got information from Ellen who was sexually assaulted by Thompson. She stated she was leaning against the rails in front of the entrance near the water talking to someone on the phone. When she had seen the man approaching her very closely and staring at her body. She could not get away because of the rail she was against and that when they confronted each…show more content…
After sitting in the office for about 10 minuets officer G. Simpson from Columbia Police had arrived. I had them move to investigator Sullivan 's office where she began to make her statement for Columbia Police. while they were talking I went to meet up with Sgt Thompson to get the face sheet so we would have information on Trennon. I gave the face sheet to the officer and he finished up his report. After the interview was done with Columbia Police I escorted Ellen back to the Heart Hospital to meet back with her

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