Personal Narrative: I Am Soup

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It took three unhealthy relationships, two visits to a mental health facility and four medications to respect myself. It took driving my friend to the hospital with her stomach full of pills to care what happened to me. And it took my immune system collapsing and missing countless days of school to realize that I was not responsible for carrying the world. The underlying problem of my mental instability lies in the fact that I am a big, warm, delicious and nutritious pot of soup. Well, I’m not very big, I’m rather small in fact. And my feet and nose always tend to be cold. And I haven’t tried tasting myself in a while… But still, I am soup. If you aren’t questioning why I refer to myself as soup, I would question your sanity. If you are questioning…show more content…
To some, I may appear to be your average chicken noodle soup with carrots and celery and thick pasta and all the other comforting things you like to see in your soup. But then, stir the pot, and BLAM! There’s three strawberries and a jalapeno sitting at the bottom. Not quite what you would expect, am I correct? I am a surprise. I am an intelligent blonde, a bubbly math geek, a kind comedian. But I also have the tendency to keep adding things to the soup. I want to have something for everyone, a little mouthful of happiness for every person who comes by for a taste test. A gulp of comfort from knowing that someone cares what they like in their soup. As the passerby’s became regulars, I began adding water to the soup to make it last longer. Cup after cup, gallon after gallon, I grew thin and confused and, although I was overflowing, I became empty. People started throwing things into the soup, knowing I would let them, knowing I couldn’t say no. One boy brought broken glass, the next brought poison, and the next simple poured me across the kitchen floor. I tried to scoop myself up and carry on, I tried adding a dash of sugar to hide the things that were tearing me apart. But then my friend, a similar pot of soup, started pouring herself out. As I thought about doing the same, I started to realize I might need a
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