Personal Narrative: I Ambure Griffith

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I am Ambure Griffith. I live in Jackson, Ohio with my dad, stepmom, and my two sisters Brittany and Alyssa. I was born in Citrus County, Florida and I am a senior at Oak Hill High School. I have did art for three years now and I am the Vice President of the Art Club. I plan to graduate and go to college at Hocking Hills in Nelsonville for Culinary Prep then take a year off and go to a different college for Pastry Arts.
I feel like I am a fairly happy person. I have just the right amount of friends that I need. I count down the hours until 8th period because it is my favorite period of the day which is art. I currently have a boyfriend who drives me insane sometimes. I am not picky when it comes to dates. The dates that we typically go one is
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