Personal Narrative: I Love Rodeos

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I Love Rodeos

I love to go to rodeos. I fell in love with rodeos at a very young age. I remember watching the horses trot around the arena. I would sit in the front row and admire the beauty of the horses. I love the atmosphere that rodeos have, it is indescribable. There is so much going on, from the sounds of all the animals, to the laughter of the crowd. As I got older the love for rodeos increased. Now, that I was older I started to pay attention to how I dressed. I loved to get dressed in my boots, blue jeans, and flannel. These are why I love rodeos, I think you can learn to love rodeos by bringing your friends and family, having a love for animals, and meeting new people.
The first way that you could start to love rodeos is by making them into a family event. Rodeos have so much different things for all kinds of people and for all ages. You can bring your little kids, and teenagers and there is something for the whole family. For the little kids they have sheep riding and even donkey racing. For the teenagers of your family they have stuff like, team roping, bull riding, and barrel racing. If you are away at college, like me, then you can just go with a group of friends. If you go with friends it is a good opportunity to get out and socialize with different type of people.
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The rodeo has a lot of beautiful animals. Depending on where the rodeo is located there are an abundance of animals. If it is a rodeo and a fair, then there are pigs, horses, sheep, baby or miniature goats, and so much more. So if you like animals and love to watch the beauty of animals then, you would definitely love to go to rodeos. When you see the beauty that the horses portray when they are trotting around the arena it is hard not to love rodeos. Rodeos show you how well an animal can work with a human in some amazing with a human in a stressful

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