Personal Narrative: I Love St. Benedicts Catholic School

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Since I was in kindergarten, I never had the privilege to attend a catholic school. About a year ago now, though, my family and I moved from Chelsea, Alabama, in Shelby County, to Foley, Alabama, in Baldwin County. That is only about a four hour difference, which, might not seem big but it was to me. I had moved once before, but, that was in first grade, when I did not really know my classmates that well. It was a big step and I did not know what to expect from a Catholic school having no prior knowledge of one. Now, though, I love St. Benedicts Catholic school. It has been a great experience for me. One thing I love, for example, is all the different options we have for specials and extracurricular activities. I also like that in this school,…show more content…
the extra activities can include: peer helping, student government Association or SGA, National Junior Honor Society or NJHS, choir, and yearbook. I, myself, am in choir, NJHS, and peer helping. In choir, I get to sing at Mass in the choir loft and go several places to perform. st. Benedict 's also has a performance choir, they do a lot more performing than the Mass Choir, but, they do not sing at mass. Peer helpers tutor younger students that have trouble and help them with any problem that they might have. SGA and NJHS both help out around the school . they help organize and set up such school events like the German fest and the dance.
One last thing that I love about this school, is that we receive a great religious education. we attend daily religion classes and we attend Mass every Friday. previously to st. Benedict 's, I never really receive a good religious education. My school was not Catholic, so, no religion class there. I did attend Sunday school, but, it wasn 't as good as the religion class and that I have now. It is more in depth of what our religion is all about and I love getting to learn more about my religion.
In the end, I am very lucky to be privileged enough to attend a Catholic school, especially, this one. I, having no prior knowledge of what Catholic school was like, and very impressed by the school. I am proud to attend such a wonderful school. St Benedict has really shown me what I
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