Personal Narrative: I Obtain My Driving License

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After many obstacles I finally obtain my driving licence. My first appointment day was a friday morning of January. I remember I did wake up late and I took a shower really fast. When I get out of the shower my mom told me to eat something but i could not because I did not have enough time. I remember that I had to run to take the first bus. I get to the stop on time but the bus arrive five minutes late. Thanks God when I get out of the bus the second bus was already there and I just get in. I was making my make up on the bus, and the bus driver look at me and in his face I could see that he felt sorry for me because maybe he could see that I was nervous, worry and late. When I get to the DMV I told to the front desk lady that I was there…show more content…
So I went to Guatemala’s consulate and asked for the old ID but they told me that they had chang the design of the ID and the only one available was the new one. I didn 't know what to do because if I send my ID it will take about 6 to 7 months to get it back. The lady of the consulate saw my worry that she told me that they can give me a letter that proves that my ID is original. I didn 't think it twice, I told her that it will be awesome. So I wait for the letter and I made a new appointment. The day of my appointment the DMV let me take the writing test. So they send me to take the picture and when I was there the lady how just send me there went to me and told me that I can take the test but I have to give me IDs to a second revision. Finally I took the test and weeks later I went back to the second revision of my documents. The lady who helped me told me that everything was in order and that now I just had to wait for them to send my permit. After receiving my permit and passing through all those obstacles I could take the driving. I feel proud of myself because I passed both tests at the first time and just one week later I received my driver
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