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As a student of Esko High School, I have come to notice that almost every year there is at least one project or paper that everyone dreads. Freshman year is the three-hundred word vocabulary project; junior year is the American author paper and senior year is the infamous I Search Paper. Throughout the years, I 've been told of how the I Search paper takes a lot of time and effort. When I was asked to go home and think of a few words that I might like to write about I made sure to chose words that I could relate to. The first word that came to mind was love; I wanted to write about love because there is an immense amount of it in the world and we 're all surrounded by it nearly every minute. The second word I thought of was hate: I thought…show more content…
To start off my research, I looked up hope in Webster 's Third New World International Dictionary of the English Language, which gave me multiple definitions. I then looked it up in Webster 's Collegiate Thesaurus; I was struggling to find the synonyms, so I asked Lindsey Lilliberg for help, and she pointed me in the right direction. I then moved on to finding my Bible verse, which was fairly easy. I found three different verses and interpreted each one; I picked the one I connected to most. Next, I went on to and found the word hope in The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. The passage I chose was difficult to understand because of the type of language William Shakespeare used, and because it was taken out of context. After that I went looking for a poem. I first searched for poems involving the word hope at, but I couldn 't find one worth using; so, I then went to and again found nothing. Finally, I went to and found a deserving poem. Afterward, I went back to and searched for a quotation; the quote that I chose was long, yet exceeded my standards. Next, I went to the ELM site and clicked through three databases then on the fourth one I found a worthy article. Then I went to the on-line Card Catalog and that was a little difficult for me, but not as difficult as using the Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology. It was hard for me to understand because of all the abbreviations and choppy sentences.

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