Personal Narrative: I Shot A College

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For twenty two minus eighteen years I have been retrying my first shot a college. Much to my distress and misery, I will never catch what the kids in my neighborhood coined the juice. The juice in this since is motivation, determination, drive, and bloodlust. I have come to the inhumane loss of hope, the end of a candidacy. I am on my last chance to prove to myself I am not a failure. From the time I entered my first classroom till the day I sashayed my behind across the Berry Center auditorium; I was hopeful. I entered the educational system at a Catholic school in the hood. I was pushed to be disciplined and well-spoken as a white teacher at my next school told me. I was well spoken, and I had a maturity that only matched that of a student maybe four grades older. I went to another school district in second grade. In this school district I was given ample chances to stretch my mind and my experiences. I had deadlines, due dates, and major grade projects. I was given opportunities to skip ahead, but never rose to the honor. At the apex of my childhood I had the work mentality of “pencil pusher”. I never really enjoyed kid things. I did play on the playground but I found joy in analytical play. Role reversal where I was the lady bug and the reasons why and how I could be one.…show more content…
Due to some hidden quirks and fine print I ended up losing all my financial aid when the school started their football team. Go Huskies. I left school and went to work full time. I tried with motivation from my ex-fiancé to go back after a year and a half, but then family issues got in the way. I took some me time, and now I think I want to give this one more try. All of my academic career I have been working on spewing back knowledge and reciting verbatim whatever is given. Now I am ready to do this my way and get results. I am ready to comprehend and mold my knowledge into a
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