Personal Narrative: I Want To Be A Loger

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I Don’t Want to Be a Logger Living in Cascade, Idaho, I am familiar with going out and getting wood to keep us from freezing to death. Last year when we went to get wood, it was in the winter. I refused to go and work in the snow so I just pretended to be sleeping. The trick didn’t always work, but most of the time it did. My uncle is a logger, so he tells me crazy stories, like almost falling off a cliff, dragging heavy chains up big hills, giant boulders, and lots of medical bills. Working as a logger is a career I would never choose to work because, I’m not fit for all that heavy lifting. Loggers have to wake up early and do these activities all day, everyday, which is a very dangerous lifestyle.
Logging takes a lot of physical strength and energy. I’m not even close to being fit enough to log all day, everyday. When my family and I go and get wood, I dread every moment of the
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Loggers spend most of their time outdoors, even when it 's raining or snowing, sometimes they work in the middle of nowhere. They have to work in really rough terrain. One time my uncle had to get a tree that was on the side of a cliff. He had a harness on and was down there cutting the tree. Then, out of nowhere, a boulder came down and threw him off the ledge. As he was falling, he kept on hitting the side of the cliff while he was gripping the harness. This resulted in him having to go to the hospital with a concussion. Another time was when he got his foot wedged beneath a boulder. Okay, so when he was out working under a yarder,a machine that brings logs up hills, after he was done he began the long trek back up the hill, but as he was walking,a boulder a little bit ahead of him came loose and got him. He got out with a very swollen ankle. It was all purple and puffed up, which was gross to look at. He was off work for over 6 weeks. These are just some of the reasons why logging is dangerous, but there are many more ways to get hurt while doing
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