Personal Narrative-I Want To Become A Nurse

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She said. Kim would like to travel as well as go to college. When she fails, she never gives up. If something happens and she doesn 't become a nurse, her backup plan will be to help at her family 's business.

Kim Eter is a 16-year-old junior at Madison High School. She 's been in Madison for 3 years and is a part of college possible and volleyball. Her favorite school subject is math. She wants to go to college to become a nurse, that is her dream.

In 10 years she thinks that she will be in college to be a nurse. She 'll also try to live on her own, but if not she 'll still live with her parents. To prepare for being a nurse and college, she is taking a human body system class. She hates to see people hurt or sick. "I want to be a hero,"

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