Personal Narrative: I Want To Read

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I Want to Read It 's kindergarten year and we are finally able to go to the library. I have been to a library before, but it was with my parents and they had to help. I am prepared. I know what to do and that I have to be quiet. I 'm a step ahead of all of the other kids. At least that 's what my kindergarten self thought. Our teacher, Mrs. August, has us all lined up, ready to go and then tells us to be quiet and listen. "Only Rachel is allowed to get 1st grade level book." What! That is not fair. I am the one who went to the public library, learned how to find books all by myself, and then went home and read with my parents. My mom and dad taught me how to read picture books and small chapter books. I was so upset. Rachel is this snooty girl who acts like she is better than all of us. I looked over at her as soon as Mrs. August said that send she just stood there with her chin pointed in the air and a smirk that was engraved in my mind the rest of day. She just kept bragging about how she could read high level books.…show more content…
I got home and tried to read the book, but I was struggling. The words where bigger and harder to understand. When I get frustrated I get angry and cry which then leads to my mom trying to help me but not understanding the problem. She finally calmed me down and helped me understand the words. It took me about a week to be able to read the book. I reread it five times until I could read through it without any issues. I went to school that next day and told my best friend Madison how I could read higher level books than other kids. Mrs. August over heard and boy did she let me have it. "August! You do not need to be bragging to other students about your abilities. It is rude!" My face got bright red. I sunk down into my seat and stayed quite the rest of the day. This incident made me want to show her that u was adaptable to read "big kid" books. I was reading books like Junie B. Jones and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom every day after school with my
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