Personal Narrative: Ice Skate

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When I ice skate I feel like Bambi when he tries to walk for the first time on the ice. On Sunday, my cousin, Elizabeth, texted me to ask if I want to go ice skating with her at the Pettit Center and even though I am horrible at skating, I said yes just to see her. Once we were dropped off, rented our skates, and climbed our way up to the rink I was regretting a little about coming. Now, I am not afraid of ice skating, but I am so bad it was a little bit of weird feeling to do it again. I ended up falling a total of five times, but my cousin tried to make it better by saying that I am still better than her boyfriend at ice skating. Somehow because of all my bad skating the ice skate 's laces came all undone. I tripped over the laces off of
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