Personal Narrative: If I Get To Pawnee

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` With a ticket in my hand, and anywhere to go, i would hop on a flight to the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana without a doubt in my mind. This town plays the setting of my favorite Television show, Parks and Recreation, and as soon as I would get off my flight, I know Leslie Knope, the main character, would be waiting for me with a big hug and some presents. To my peers i have been described as passionate and extremely hard working. If I am given a task to complete or set a goal for myself, I get emotionally invested every single time. Together, Leslie and I would be unstoppable. I admire her so much for her selflessness and motivation towards bettering the community and the lives of all her friends. I live everyday of my life striving to be as good of a leader and friend as Leslie and i think meeting her would inspire me to be better even more. Both of us have strong willed personalities and the drive to get anything and everything done. There 's no issue in the world that we couldn 't fix together. Leslie struggles with her the citizens of Pawnee because they are incredibly stubborn, but I definitely would love to incorporate some of my own ideas to help her out. When I get to Pawnee, the first thing I would do is sit down with Leslie on a breakfast date to…show more content…
The second thing I would do in Pawnee is head over to see Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle. These two people are the the king and queen of over-indulging. After a long day of helping the community, I would love to sit back, relax, and enjoy a nice night of their famous “Treat-yo-Self” splurge. We would all strut to the mall for some new clothes, fragrances, jewelry, and massages. I spend a lot of my time worrying about other people and not enough about what i want. Donna and Tom both work at the parks department helping the community, but find the balance in their lives to make time for themselves. I believe that balance that treating “yo self” is what every person needs to learn to do every now and

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