Personal Narrative: If I Let My Son Play Football

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Would I let my Son Play Football?
In class we’ve been studying about concussions. I have learned that, having concussions can lead to many medical problems in the present as well as in the future. This leads me to thinking if I would actually allow my child play football? After doing research and informing myself about this issue, I’ve came to a conclusion that I would allow my child to play football for three specific reasons. Football can be a stress reliever, can gain life experience, and it builds up character. First of all, football can result as a stress reliever for football players. This is because players can take any type of anger or stress and apply it during the game to forget about what they have on their mind. According to
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When children play the sport, it changes their viewpoint to a different set of mind. According to Youth Activities a sport article states, “ Life is about competition- whether it is playing a football not, but the sport will toughen them up and let them know to compete for what they want to achieve”(Youth Activities). In life, not everything is easy. Life is nothing but competition and people are always competing with each other. Football is a great sport to teach young boys to work for what they want which is winning the game and eventually taking the championship. When my child plays football, he will gain character and that he can use that to benefit him on life skills. Although some would argue that their child cannot play football because it's too dangerous and is a great cause of concussions or any type of injuries, parents also need to understand the viewpoint of their children. Understanding they want to do and extracurricular activities they want to be a part of. I still strongly agree that I would let my child play football because it's a stress reliever, gain the life experience, and it builds character. For these three reasons is why I would let my Child Play
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