Personal Narrative: If I Live In America

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IF I COULD LIVE IN AMERICA If i could live in America i will be a lot of things to do. America is the country that i love since i was a little kid, because i liked a lot of things in America such as food, lifestyle, atmosphere, national security, the weather’s and manymore. I liked the food in America because the food is tempting meal as hot dog, pai apple, pizza, french fries, hamburger, steak, macaroon, taco and ice cream sundae. But my favorite one of them is pizza. Pizza is fastfood and baked in the oven and usually covered with tomato sauce and cheese. Cheese used are usually mozzarella or pizza cheese. Other material can also be placed on a pizza is usually meat and sauces, such as salami and pepperoni, ham, bacon, olive and vegetable like chilli and paprika as well as onions, mushrooms and others. I really liked lifestyle in America because America is a country that has a modern fashion trend followed by many others country. Like every season in the country will have a fashion style that’s a different. As is autumn, most American wear socks knee-high or thigh-high and could be using with shorts or short skirts. And i loved the weathers in America, in the autumn be an on going of professional sporting events season NBA Basketball game is starting in autumn and continuing through the spring. Autumn begins with the warm weather as…show more content…
I particularly like a Taylor Swift because she has many talents such as singer, playing guitar, song-writter. I also like the American movie because American movies is very much a mystery such as paranormal activity, conjuring, the ring, and manymore. All the movies in America was veryexciting. So i really liked American country because a lot of things very interesting and made me so really want to live in America. I wanted to stay there and live in there, i hope what i wanted to stay there may
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