Personal Narrative: If I Tried Public School

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I had been homeschooled my entire school career, but after a lot of failing tests and crying, my mom decided it would be best if I tried public school. I was not into the idea at all. I thought that those public school kids would destroy me, they knew so much more than I did, (Not true) and had so much more social experience (Also not true). I had been going to church activities for my entire life, and my parents made it a point to sign me up for weekend painting camps, and classes at the rec center. Yet it was nothing compared to the 6+ hours these kids have been at school every day. Nobody ever says anything good about school, especially in middle school which most of my friends were, so I was very nervous about the whole idea to say the…show more content…
Where everyone and everything is extremely new, it helps to go into it with an open mind. Knowing that others have done it before and made it out alive helped me feel more at ease. I was lucky enough to have a mother who was very forgiving and through all my anxiety, and sudden panic attacks when I thought about the uncertainty of it all, and comforted me saying, “This is just a trial, if it doesn't work out we will try something new”. In the end, Everything worked out. I am thriving in school, and even though I don't enjoy coming to school as much as i enjoyed waking up at 11:00am, starting school after lunch, and finishing around three, all while still wearing my pajamas. I know it was the right choice. I am having a great time having feedback from teachers instead of just getting test grades and an unexplained “A-” on my end of the year portfolio. Being surrounded by people, Even if i don't necessarily like them has shown itself to be an extremely good thing in my life. Learning how to feel frustrated but still be kind, and how to work effectively in a group. I am learning so many new skills, and even though I am still terrified of navigating the 10/12 next year, I know that I will be able to get through
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