Personal Narrative: Immigrants In Colombia

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As years passed, my English got better and my work experience contributed to my mental, personal, emotional and professional growth. Today, I don’t have to repeat what I say and it is ironic that I feel more American than Colombia; especially after I got my U.S citizenship and after I married my U.S Navy Corpsman. It has been almost 12 years on my life in this country and I still feel like I don’t really belong anywhere. Identity is that aspect of your life that is been affected and hard to clarify when you move from one country to another, especially if is during the youth. 4 months I ago, I visited my motherland, I felt home, but my people didn’t see me the same way; family and friends noticed a different accent on me; as we had conversations, I noticed that I needed some of English words to express myself better, I did not feel complicated identified with my Colombian friends’ opinions or some of their views, I did not remember what my favorite mall or restaurant was in Colombia; after that trip, I felt like I lost my original identity while I was in the States. However, there is one thing I realized after so many years, home is where the people we love live. Probably my challenges and fears are not as scary and difficult as the other immigrants or same …show more content…

It’s for sure that many immigrants and refugees that are looking for a better life not only in the United states, but in other developed countries; have no purpose to cause any harm, but be a good citizen and have a positive impact in our communities and escape of their frustrations back

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