Personal Narrative: Immigration And The American Dream

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Immigration and The American Dream As an immigrant I may sound a bit biased, I will try my best to steer away from being biased. When I was a kid living in the Philippines I was motivated to learn and achieve high standards in school. A couple years later I was lucky enough to get into the United States to get in better a school system than the public school that was provided near my house in the Philippines as soon as I attended grade school in the states I noticed that my classmates did not have as big of motivation as I had to learn brand new knowledge being taught to me. This also bled out throughout the middle and then high school. I was affected by the classmates. Therefore, started to get lazy and only trying to pass my class during…show more content…
According to Jordan Kranzler (2015), author of Why We Ignore American Poverty, more families are below the poverty line, in which, the United States is the sixth highest poverty rate for children. In The True American, Mark Stroman is exposed to this poverty and lived in a broken home where both his parents were barely taking care of him. When Mark Stroman was a child, he is interviewed by a psychologist, the psychologist generally “ this youngster does not appear to experience his parent’s home as a stable and pleasant environment.”(Giridharadas 91)In the article Prejudice of Poverty: Why Americans Hate the Poor and Worship the Rich, it states that “when we hear about someone on Welfare or food…show more content…
In recent years American-born poor and immigrants are at a clash on getting a job. Immigrants are willing to take any job they can land as long as it pays, while American poor is less willing to chase for a job. Michael Fix from the New York Times states that immigrants are willing to move into places where American poor left for work. He also states that immigrants are more adaptable to change and moving around for the jobs. He also inquired that the recession is global and immigrants returning back to their home country. Rais moved to New York to land a job and then he moved to Dallas to land a better job as well a cheaper home to live in. Rais goes back to his home country to just visit and then goes back to the States to continue pursuing his dreams. American-born poor are less willing to move around to get jobs and the immigrants are willing because they do not really have a permanent home. The American dream has two different the one born in America and the dream from immigrants. The two America are colliding and fighting with one another. American poor are being shamed from other social classes, compared to immigrants the American poor are not as motivated, the American poor are refusing change instead of accepting it, and immigrants are willing and able to find jobs good or
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