Personal Narrative: Improving My Life

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I qualify for this scholarship because I have put forth an enormous amount of effort to improve my life by bettering myself and transmuting into the mother my son deserves. This has meant overcoming copious personal confrontations these past two years, and developing in an outside of the classroom.
Growing up in a house with an undiagnosed bipolar/schizophrenic abusive father was complicating. As a child, I was so perplexed about what was going on, what I had done so iniquitous to merit all the pain, and the lies I was repetitively being told to tell - that I never spoke. Despite the frequent one-way comments of concern, straight A’s seemed to overcompensate for my lack of speech, and the abuse was kept surreptitious for numerous years by merely transferring schools consistently.
My absence of a childhood, lack of being social growing up, and lack of those key milestones you
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It distresses me more than words could ever express to not be the mother I want myself to be already. I struggle to ignore the years of negative commentaries and self-doubt still engrained in my head, and I am enormously gratified to say I am not only surviving but also excelling. My 3.91 GPA, capability to take upwards of 24 credits a semester, and graduating a year premature is indicative of my hard work and triumphs. I have fought to conquer my inner doubts, my demons, my restraints, and have started to rebuild myself, my self-confidence, and even my voice. My son is my entire world, and my goal is to be the best mom, provider, coach, cheerleader, and role model I can be, and live up to the superhero role my son already sees me as. I have progressed notably and can assure you nonentity will stop me from attaining my goals. Your scholarship would help diminish the anxiety and monetary burden, and give me an additional bit of confidence moving forward with graduate school. Thank you for your
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