Personal Narrative: Improving My Reading Life

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The musty aroma of a dust covered card catalog reminds of a time when reading new books was a weekly rewarding experience. My fifth grade teacher created chants, distributed stickers, and rewarded us with sweet treats as we approached library day. She created a momentum that carried my love for reading all the way through college. Unfortunately, the stresses of my career and the high demand for closing the achievement gap silently ripped away my desire to hide in a corner and simply “read.” As I approach another year as an educator, I often wonder if my students notice my dwindling passion or can they sense my inner fifth grader. Hopefully, they can recognize my passion for books still exist. I’m just temporarily preoccupied and soon they will be “swept up in my love of books and want to feel it for themselves.” (Miller, 2009) Improving my personal reading life won’t be difficult, if I commit to honoring my sacred reading time, choosing books that promote my professional development, and intentionally sharing my reading with students. First, my reading life can drastically improve if I commit to honoring my sacred reading time. Ruddell stated that, “teachers who…show more content…
Oftentimes, I’m bored with reading informational material related to my genre of education. The professional development sessions offered by organization has the tendency to overload us with reading materials and sessions about effective ways to teach and manage children from impoverished communities. I sometimes feel trapped because I know my professional growth in dwindling. I recently downloaded two apps that address new trends in the world of education. I plan to read at least two articles per day during my ninety minute commute to work. I’m sure the knowledge gained from multiple educational sources will enhance my skill which will in turn benefit my

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