Personal Narrative: Improving My Reading

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In my free time I tend to read and write often. My personal goals in life require I improve my reading and writing skills. I regually scribble short stories or read books for inspiration. Through my rather extensive experience with reading and writing I 've had some significant encounters with both activities.
My most significant encounter with reading would be discovering the manga series Berserk. In 2007 I had began to read manga extensively. After I had finished reading series such as Dragon Ball , Jojo 's Bizarre Adventure, and Fist of the North Star I came across the manga Berserk by Kentaro Miura. Being a fan of the Fantasy genre, and one of my favorite series being The Lord of the Rings, the series was a perfect find. Although the contents of the manga were slightly more mature than the other mangas I had read, the characters and setting had enticed me to further read and experience the story. As I read, the story of Berserk had captivated me. The Medieval setting and the complex personality of the protagonist Gattsu are the main reason I continue to follow the story today. The series also served as a great inspiration and gave me vast ideas of ways in which to improve my own storytelling. This reading encounter also played a role in the way in which I wrote.
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My most significant writing encounter occurred due to having discovered the series Berserk. Prior to my reading of Berserk I would regularly present the stories I wrote to my father. He would always give me a smile and say it was good, but I could tell it never captivated him, leaving him with a desire to read more. After reading Berserk I wrote a story which for the first time captivated my father. As usual, I presented him with the story I had wrote and he read it. However, when he finished this time he looked at me and said, "Where 's the rest of the story? Is that it?" I smiled realizing he had finally become captivated with my stories, and ever since then I 've been improving writing
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