Personal Narrative: Interning At The Green Room Community Theatre

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Interning at the Green Room Community Theatre didn’t feel like work, it was an amazingly fun experience with great instructors and interns. My expectations going in on the first day were more than exceeded especially after I met David Townsend which is an incredible role model. He is so passionate about what he does and I hope one day I will feel the same way about my career choice. I couldn’t have been happier with where I chose to intern. I met so many amazing interns that I hope come back and intern at the Green Room again just as I hope to next summer, we all got along so well and there was never a dull moment between us. Interning at the Green Room taught me organizational and determination skills, even when you have been organizing nearly hundreds of shoes for three days. I also learned that you have…show more content…
I learned how hard it is to manage and run a company and how much work and time is put into the company. David Brown and David Townsend have so much on their hands juggling camps, plays, and cleaning up during the off season, it was great to be apart of helping the two of them complete jobs they wanted to finish. Even though most of the organizing and cleaning that was done while I interned will probably not last long, due to the craziness of finding and putting costumes together that have to represent certain character and have to fit specific actors/actresses. It makes me feel good because I know the work I’ve done will help and make things easier for all of the staff and actors/actresses at the Green Room. The majority of the kids my age don’t want to intern anywhere because they don’t want to work during the summer, but if if all intern sites were as amazing as the Green Room they would probably change their minds. This was an amazing opportunity that I wouldn 't trade for anything and I just wanted to thank everyone who helped me to get this

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