Personal Narrative: Into The Reflecting Pool

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2253751 Into the Reflecting Pool This semester in English class has provided me with more than I had expected. As I am a writer, I was prepared to bull crap my entire way through the semester since writing papers that are worthy of an A is easy. This is what I was prepared for, and this is what I did. This semester helped me master the art of speaking without saying anything, or in this case, writing without saying anything. Other than that, the class has not greatly affected my english. I write for fun in my spare time, so I already knew what I was doing. The major problem I have with my writing is swapping back and forth between past and present tense. Since this semester focused mainly on the more basic grammar points, it has helped me…show more content…
Since I am taking english 112 next semester, it may be of more use. The main thing that this class has helped with is learning to speak without saying anything. This skill is very useful in life because it will likely prove useful next semester, and throughout my college life. This will help when paired with another new skill learned this semester; staying up an entire night without being tired. This trick is even easier than learning to speak without saying anything. It just requires a small amount of physical fitness. Any time your eyes get heavy, do 10 to 25 push ups. This is what has allowed me to stay up and write the multitude of papers even after I get home from work. Since I am not home till 11 or later, combining the method of staying awake, and my knowledge on how to bull crap a paper in approximately 30 minutes depending on the subject is how I have managed to survive this semester’s ocean of papers. At its core, my method for writing papers has only sped up, and I have acquired the ability to stay up as late as needed to work on them. The simple cycle of paper (or work) and push ups is all I need to get through a semester. I cannot free write during the school year. There is not enough time or energy to put effort towards it, but being on break will change that. If I find the time to free write during the break, I may utilize the school’s writing lab to check my stories and see how
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