Personal Narrative: Invisible Man And Raisin

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It was about a week or so later until Raisin in the Sun came into my classroom. Before then, it was only brought up in passing between afternoon catch up with Xavier and Audrey. “Did she do it?” Audrey would ask while unlocking her door. No news or update from Alex or anyone else. With waiting for the ball to drop, there was a new energy within the classroom. I had two other students ask to read the play instead of Invisible Man, and since I let Helena, I couldn’t deny them. The papers would be interesting to grade next week. “Okay kids, I know most of you have about finished Invisible Man and Raisin. So can anyone explain what a climax is and apply it to one of the books?” In comparison to before, the number of hands was a pleasant surprise.…show more content…
She toddled off, unaffected by the ramifications of the casting choice. It was the end of day and everyone was filing into the hallways, talking loudly about their weekend plans. I sat at my desk for a moment trying to process what I needed to do next. This situation now wasn’t just about my own apprehension with the director choice, but it now treaded into dangerous territory that I did not want to even think about. The Fresh Prince of the Ghetto would be the least of my problems. I poured myself a cup of tea and looked at the obsidian ball perched on my desk. It sat there, stoic and stagnant, unbothered. I took a sip. Thought. Took another sip. Thought some more. I suddenly sprung into action, resolved. I walked into Julie Elizabeth Stein office, something I never thought I would have to do. She sat at her desk, not even glancing up as I walked over to her desk. She clacked and typed away without any bother to my acknowledge my existence. She and I hadn’t really spoken since the lift I had given her a few days ago. “Miss Stein.” Her head popped up automatically. One beat until a smile broke across her face. The sincerity of it was unclear but I continued on as calmly as possible. “Do you have a
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