Personal Narrative: Is It Hard To Drive?

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I had just turned 16 years old. My parents had both decided that it was an appropriate age to go and try to get my driver’s license. First, I needed to get my permit. When I did research online, I learned that I would need to take two tests. One would be on sign recognition and the other on driving rules, regulations, and laws. I was really nervous and I knew that I needed to do a lot of studying. About two months prior to the test, I got very lazy. I figured to myself, “How hard can it be?” I glanced at the online manual a few times and quickly took an online pretest. I completed the test with an 80% and so, this made me feel even more ready for the test. Also, my mother answered some questions that I had, and that helped too. The day to take the test approached quickly. In a panic, I decided to take the same pretest over again. This time I finished with a 70%. I was petrified…show more content…
I did pretty well on the road sign questions but, to my dismay, I failed the laws, regulations, and rules. I failed by one question. Some of the question I had not even seen about in the manual. I wished more than anything that I had studied more. When I told my mother she replied by saying, “You’ll pass next time.” I believed that I would pass the second time too. Sometimes I make mistakes but never the same mistake again. I was schedule to retake the test in two days. The test was so nerve wrecking for me, that I did not remember the question I had gotten incorrect. I could not even figure out what areas I needed to really focus on. That meant that I had to start from scratch. I got out pencil and paper and took detailed notes from every part of the manual. I was very surprised with how much I had missed reading before. Instead of just mindlessly reading, I comprehended what I read. Then I searched for many different types of pretest online. Before, I had thought that there was only one. This expanded my knowledge even more. I began to feel more and more
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