Personal Narrative: It Was My Pet Shark

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“It was my Pet Shark.” When I was a toddler, I was a really restless kid who would always have to be doing something. Being as restless as I was, I got into a lot of situations that could’ve harmed me. Throughout my toddler years, the only stories that are memorable and are eventful, are almost all dangerous. Often times my mom would tell me none to do something and I would still go and do what she said not to out of pure curiosity. Compared to me, my sister had been a walk in the park for my parents. When my mom had my sister Olivia, she didn’t have to childproof anything. With me, my mom had to childproof everything. My mom had to make sure all doors were shut and every time we went out somewhere like parties, someone had to follow me everywhere. When I was young, I was an obnoxious child. One thing I liked to do often was to wear my sisters boots or my dads shoes around the house and stomp around. Our house had a big echo to it so when I would do that you would be able to hear me all through the house. Being restless and obnoxious, I had many toys that were in a toy box in my room. It was a large wood chest that I would look through for any toy I felt I had wanted to play with. Since the box was wood, one day, when I was looking for a toy, the top to the chest slammed down on my head. For a while after that a incident, I had a large red mark, all around my head. With having so many toys, I never was an organized kid. My room would get messy quickly. My mom would

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