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It 's Izabella Katz. My mother bought me a beautiful diary as gift for my my 18th birthday almost two years ago and this is my fist time using it.It 's new year thanks to God and I 've never kept a diary before but with all of the events that have happened to me and everything currently occurring, I knew I couldn 't forget anything and if anyone else found this book, I wanted them to hear my story. I 'm just an average 19 year old girl who loves writing and literature and has had a lot of things happen to me in these past crazy decade. However, before we get in to the present, I want to shed some light on those 10 years. It all started when I born in Kisvarda, Hungary on May 28, 1924 to two loving but devout Jewish parents and one of eight…show more content…
In my teen years, antisemitism was so common that I didn 't even want to accept my heritage and be Jewish anymore. Just seeing all my so called "friends and neighbors " listening to Hitler as I call him tayvl, which is Yiddish for DEVIL, and looking like they eagerly wanted to join up with him and his Nazis or as I call them tayvl knekht , which is Yiddish for DEVILS servants, I couldn 't stop cringing from the vileness seeping out of the people we grew up knew for our whole life.I sort of felt envy because no matter what I would always be the one who was oppressed and It almost pushed me over the edge when people would call me "smelly Jew". At that point, I didn 't even knew what to do with my life. I would cry to myself day in and day out and I would neglect everything thing and my mother and were extremely concerned with my wellbeing. One week, they took me to a clinic because my body just shutdown.But even worse, the day I almost couldn 't take it anymore was when my dad went to the U.S but we couldn 't join him because didn 't have papers. Literally from there, everything was pitch black to me and I stayed from school for a couple of weeks.From then on, I completely rejected God. All my life I was a good child so I don 't know how his could

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