Personal Narrative: It's Not Always The Right Thing '

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My friend always did the right thing, even if it meant putting his life at risk. Until one day he realized, it’s not always the right thing to do. He’d seen a snake stuck in the middle of a fire and he decided to do the right thing and save it. Until the snake bit him, and he had to go to the hospital. Many people will tell you to always do the right thing, but many time though, the right thing to do isn't always the ‘right thing’. The theme of these two narratives is, the right thing isn't always the “right thing” to do. This theme is demonstrated through many signpost including, contrast and contradiction, an epiphany, a motif, and a tough question. The theme was demonstrated in many ways throughout the story. Oth the stories demonstrated how doing the right thing isn't always right. These two stories demonstrated the theme development by using contrast and contradiction, and though…show more content…
Where both the narrators had finally realized that the right thing isn't always “the right choice”. On The Choice epiphany is shown on the following, “I took you, and let him go,-Somebody ought to examine my head.” The theme is shown on how, many people thought that the guy that gives her more would be the right choice, but she had picked the “wrong choice” as many would have put it as. That's why she had said “ Somebody ought to examine my head.” She had realized that the right choice isn't the correct one, and she was happy with the man that had given her less. On the Storyteller, epiphany is shown when the little girl realizes being good isn't always right. It states. “ ‘If I weren't so very good, they wouldn't have let me come to this beautiful park and enjoy it… Bertha saw the wolf creeping towards her, and she had wished she had never been invited to the park.” Bertha had realized that she shouldn't have been so good, she had a realization that always being good wasn't the right choice even though it seemed
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