Personal Narrative-It's Time To Go To High School

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Whoever said, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me," must not have gone to high school.

As a high school cheer captain, I have developed a vocation of leadership, compassion, and confidence. I walk through the halls of my high school with my head held high. However, I haven 't always been the confident young woman I am now.

One day, during a free period my freshman year, I had to go to the bathroom. To my surprise, when I pushed the door open, my best friend Hailey, was sitting on the floor with her head against the wall sobbing. I rushed to her side and asked if she was okay, but she couldn 't get words through her tears. Hailey 's phone was close to her hand, and there were a multitude of slanderous messages on the screen from her boyfriend. While intensely hugging her, I felt enraged. The words on her phone were a shot to my heart as I reflected on the times that I was bullied by similar words. I found myself disgusted that someone who claimed to love another
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Undergoing that experience of only 15 minutes, marked a pivotal moment in my life. I learned the lesson of having to retain strength and power and no longer needing to be coddled by other, affirming that I 'm a young woman with the ability to achieve. The situation of seeing someone that I cared for deeply, being so powerless, was the key to my motivation. Having assimilated to a higher level of self-confidence, I now strive to battle social injustice, share my compassion, lend my strength to whoever needs it, and remind others of the internal strength and self-advocacy characteristics they possess. I hope to utilize this passion within my life as a college student through Peer Mentor programs, and within my studies as a Healthcare Administrator dealing with a wide array of people that may be experiencing troubling
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