Personal Narrative-It's Time To Make The Boys Soccer Team

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“Matt,y you will be starting forward now,” Mr. K. said right before I nervously stepped onto the field, sweating like a man in a sauna. The whole summer I practiced soccer with my dad for two hours a day to make the team my sixth grade year. I wasn’t looking to start, I was just looking to make the team. While my friends were at the beach or at friend’s house, I would be playing soccer.
The first two tryouts came and I was fairly confident I would make the team, but waiting for that email was one of the most nerve-wracking times in my life. I was sitting in my bed, waiting for the email to show up. I was a river of sweat. My heart was beating while I opened the message; Congratulations on making the boys soccer team; I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to start the season. …show more content…

We were down by one, and I went in at the end of the game, and I took my opportunity to show what I was made of. I played with all my heart running up and down the green grassy field, going up against big guys-- fearing no one. We finally scored to tie up the game. Then overtime came and I was still in. Although we lost that game, it was the best game I ever had.
During practice we did this drill for the starters. As I was sitting on the silver, cold bench, coach called my name. I was very surprised and my heart started racing. “Matty you will be starting forward now”. I was so nervous of course I didn’t want to do bad and I was only a sixth grader.But I played good and started for the rest of the season. This is one of the proudest moments in my life because I practice so hard everyday to make the team. Soccer is my favorite sport and wanted this so bad, and I learned that if I practice hard, good things will

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