Personal Narrative-It's Time To Stay In Wyoming

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Last spring I went on a vacation of a lifetime. I went on a two month stay in alpine wyoming.
I flew out of grand rapids to denver colorado or as a joke we called it color a du.It was a eight hour flight to Idaho falls, Idaho. I love flying but I can 't stand long long flights.When i got out of the plane I saw that I was in a tiny airport that didn 't even have a ACT, which is an aircraft control tower. This tower controls all radio and all maintenance for the runway. When I got my bearings I went carrying my green rucksack and saw my mom and I went straight to her she was so excited to see me after four months. I went outside into the blazing heat of idaho smelling of corn and potatoes, nothing else. After going to the army supply store we headed back to wyoming as we saw a wild fire in the distance I wondered what started it.But i knew i would never find out so on our drive we also saw the world 's biggest potato (Not really it was a giant fake potato the size of a truck). Once we hit the pass into wyoming we were all silent with nothing to talk about.
But the view in the pass is insane it looked like everything was about to fall on me at any time.Which is also next to the snake river known for
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We made it to alpine a tiny town that was full of very rich farm houses that had at least 40 horses each.These houses went for 800 thousand and more they had guest houses and decks that were bigger than my house.A few other towns we were close to where etna,freedom which had a gun range and store that 's it,and wilson.Theses houses have populations down to 82 people.Everything here was dry and dry and hot and dry it was so dry and dusty you could sit for a bit and your shirt would turn brown.When it was night time it got down to 30 degrees and sunrise was very very late so you always woke up in the dark.I went to jackson and bought quite a bit of stuff and my grandpa came out with my guitar.We stayed up all night playing around in our rv.I learned a lot in
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