Personal Narrative-It's Time To Tryout In High School

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It was fall of my eighth-grade year, and I couldn't wait for basketball tryouts. I had been practicing all summer trying to prepare for my first basketball tryout. Then I heard the school bell ring meaning tryouts was in ten minutes. Nervously, I walked into the gym and saw a lot of kids trying out who have played their whole lives; then the coach blew the whistle and we all started warming up. At the end of tryouts, I thought I played great and I was excited to come back for the second day of tryouts the next day. I could barely sleep that night all I was thinking of was playing again. I woke up super early and ran as fast as I could to the school.The second day of tryouts began and the coach said not everyone would make the team, this made …show more content…

All year around I practiced and I could see myself get better but I didn't know if I was good enough to compete in high school basketball. Finally, freshmen year tryouts came, and this year I was confident in my ability but I was also nervous because we had to tryout in front of coaches and upperclassmen I didn't know. Tryouts lasted three days at the end the coaches announced who made the team. The new coach called my name and I slowly walked up to him hoping I was going to make the team. He first said “congratulations you made the team”, a smile slowly started to come on my face and I could barely hear what he said after because I was so happy. That's when I realized that no matter how much you hope for or talk about achieving something, you will never get close to your goals unless you devote one-hundred percent of your time and energy to achieving those goals. After getting cut I learned to always stay determined. I stopped wishing for my goals and instead I bettered myself to acquire them. Ever since that experience I have always managed to master even the toughest

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