Personal Narrative: Jack Of All Routes

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Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve had a wide variety of interests. Some early examples were my attempts to start up a “spy-team” in my elementary school, while also writing short books and comics with my friends. My hope at this time was to become a writer as well as a spy in the CIA, two occupations that would rarely go together. While my spy team never did any top secret missions for the CIA, FBI, or NSA, I got to be a “spymaster” for a while, and it was fun running a “top secret organization”. As I’ve grown up my interests have shifted when it comes to reconnaissance; while I no longer want to be James Bond, I am still quite interested in working for the NSA, perhaps on computer or network security. At my current age I am interested in Chemistry, Aerospace Engineering, Computer Engineering, Magic tricks, Hypnosis, Clarinet/Music, Video Editing/Recording, Hiking, Biking, and Skiing. So great, I have all these…show more content…
Being a “Jack of all trades” is often perceived as a bad thing, and if you lack direction in life it certainly can be. But if you have direction, and know what you are doing, being a Jack means that you sacrifice being the master of only one thing, to become good at all things. I find it much more valuable to be good at many things than just being the best at one thing. Researching the quote “Jack of all trades, master of none”, I found that the it doesn’t actually end there. Instead the quote is actually: “Jack of all trades, master of none, though oftentimes better than master of one”. Growing up I had to decide upon being a Jack of all trades or a Master of one, I chose to be a Jack of all trades, and I certainly believe that I made the better choice. Since I have learned to do so many things, I have gained the ability to pick up on new “trades” rather quickly. Instead of just learning how to do, I have learned how to
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