Personal Narrative: Jackie Robinson

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“This ain't fun. But you watch me, I'll get it done.” This is quote was stated by Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson was the first African American Major League Baseball player. He also was the first African American to join the Baseball Hall of Fame. I believe he said this because he was derided for what he was doing, but he was not going to stop. The quote relates to my struggles backpacking 90 miles in New Mexico. Even though it may of been the most difficult thing I have done, I did not give up. I endured the challenge and achieved a level of success I had only dreamed of. I had been backpacking before, but when I had heard of Philmont, a scout camp out in New Mexico, I was exceptionally excited. My crew and I had picked a trek we were going on, and then we trained. I trained for four to five months before the hike. My dad and I 5 other scouts were doing the trek which would go to Baldy Mt. and The Tooth of Time. Once we finished training, we got on a bus with three other crews and we embarked on a trip of a lifetime. Along the way we stopped in New Orleans, The Alamo, The Davis-Monthan Air Force Boneyard, and The Grand Canyon these were just some of the stops. Along the way we slept, ate, and laughed just to distract us from what was ahead. When we actually arrived in New Mexico, we spent a day the base camp at Philmont. We met our ranger who would be staying with us for a few days. We also learned how to deal with wildlife in the backcountry. Some of the animals that we could encounter were black bears, turkey, deer, rattlesnakes and mountain lions. The next morning we left, this may…show more content…
Not every part of the trip was fun, but I worked through the pain so I could have the feeling of excitement when it was done. His quote says “This ain't fun. But you watch me, I'll get it done.” some people may of doubted me at times and said you can’t do this, but I showed them I could and that is greater than
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