Personal Narrative: Jasmin In High School

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Jasmin is my old sister she is two years older than me even though we have are ups and downs, she means the world to me. She has very curly hair that makes her look like a lion at times. She is a very outgoing person in high school she was a cheerleader and she won homecoming queen her senior year I look up to her a lot. Growing up it was just always me my sister Jasmin and my little brother Antonio and mom being a single mother we learn to get along most of the time. By being sister and having to share things we would fight but I have learned that nobody can ever take her place. When I got to high school I would see my sister every day I was nice to see her now and then in the halls. When her senior year came she asked me if I wanted to be a dazzler so we could go to every football game with her since it was her last year of cheering and of high school.…show more content…
It took a lot of work the week of tryouts every day after practice I would show her what we had learned that day. She would give me pointers on how my arms should be. Then tryout day came, I was so nervous at first but then I told myself I could do it so I went out there and did my best. We had to wait in a room so the judges could get all the scores in. When they were done they put a poster up that had people 's numbers that had made it. I went looking for my number and it was on their I was so excited I couldn 't stop smiling. It was great to be at every game with my sister but the main thing I learned was the more I opened up the more fun I would have by being a shy kid to be dancing in front of hundreds of people was a ‘’little bit nerve racking but I got over it. My sister has inspired me to be myself and be outgoing and it 's good to try new
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