Personal Narrative: Jell-O

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One food I have learned to despise is most definitively Jell-O. Throughout my childhood, I have been obsessed with my mom’s homemade strawberry Jell-O. Every time my mom made it I would have several cups within a few hours. The moment I began to dislike Jell- O was around the age of 10. I was feeling sick and was just getting over a very horrible stomach flu. I had just woken up from a long nap and hadn’t eaten anything all day, and I could smell strawberry Jell-O throughout the whole house. It smelled so delicious that I had to get up and go down stairs to have some. My mom had left the Jell-O in the fridge. I opened the fridge to grab one and I always went for the one in the very back because it was extra cold, which was excellent for my liking. The Jell-O looked as good as it smelled. Due to the sight, and smell of food, the lateral hypothalamus was triggered and it increased my hunger, therefore my mouth started to water. I grabbed a spoon and dug into the Jell-O however it was much colder than I expected it to be, it was basically frozen. I decided to eat the Jell-O anyways. It tasted exceptionally good, I had finished the whole plate. However, immediately after I began feeling awfully nauseous. I thought it was due to the…show more content…
Suddenly I was not very hungry anymore and I was kind of grossed out, but I had to eat it because I felt bad that I made my mom make all that food for us again. As I put that spoon full of Jell-O in my mouth I instantly regretted it because I was just gagging everywhere. I left the food and ate something else not thinking much about it. A few weeks later my mother made it again and I also could not eat it, it just made me feel nauseous just by looking at it. Since then, I have not had any type of Jell-O what so ever and I avoid it everywhere I go. I t makes me sick and reminds me of how awful I felt back when I was a
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