Personal Narrative: Jet Skiing

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The hot sun on the back of my neck. The cool breeze from the coast in my hair. The salty spray of the water in my face. The tugging feeling of my life jacket on my chest. And the feeling of the seat underneath me. And, the motion of going up and down against the waves is making me really nervous. But, this is what happens when I go jet skiing. I am happy, excited, and nervous all at once. I practically begged the whole day to go jet skiing and now we finally get to go. But, I don 't want to get hurt. Just getting into the water waiting for a jet ski is already making me more nervous than I thought. Finally, one comes. The guy at the beach tells us we have thirty minutes to ride but can’t go past the pier, the fourth condo building, and the floating buoy, barely visible from the spot…show more content…
At one point we go so fast over a wake, which we almost fall off. Those made my brother not want to ride anymore, so we drop him off at the beach. Then we go back out. Now that it is just me and my dad, we go a lot faster and a lot farther out to sea. That made me super nervous. And I said, “Can we please go in a little, I am getting really nervous?” So we went in a little closer to the beach. And that is because I didn 't want to fall off far away from the beach and get pulled out to sea. But others are falling off and they seem fine, but I don’t want to risk it. It is pretty cool to see other people out on the water. And, the close encounters with other boats and jet skiers were a little scary. It is really fun and I want to drive, but I don’t think it is allowed. So I just look to the side of me, at the horizon. This seemed really far away. I see the flag waving and I hear the whistle blowing. That meant it was time to go in. We drive in and we were one of the last to come in. So I felt bad for those who were waiting for a jet ski because they had to wait longer to ride. It was really fun and scary all at once. But, I would totally do it

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