Personal Narrative: John Smith

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Some people have it real easy - there aren 't many Ephraims Goldmans, as my mum could tell you, nor lots of Henriettas Hineses, as testified by my dad. Actually, lots of parents these days opt for a very unique name for obvious reasons - after all, if the only clue to finding your soulmate is their name on your wrist, you 'd better hope they aren 't going to be called a John Smith. On the other hand, all these Phoenixes, Khaleesis and Caspians wandering around? Frankly, it can get really annoying.

I had it pretty good - no James Johnson or Darius Maximus on my wrist. I found my Jack through one of these dating sites right after I turned seventeen and never looked back since. The morning after our wedding day, I woke up to see my new name on
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But these last few months, I don 't know. We don 't talk as much as we used to. Have to get the kids ready for school and then rush off to work, come back, cook some dinner - well, you know the drill. Jack stays up really late, staring at the computer and typing - something for work, I think? There 's not really much time to chat, I guess. It 's kind of sad - I don 't think I 've ever imagined being married to my soulmate like that.

And sometimes, my wrist twitches - just a little bit. The first time it happened? I was absolutely terrified, honestly. But nothing happened. When I look at it, there 's the good old "Jack Whittaker" right there, but sometimes - I could swear something is happening to it. It freaks me out.

The alarm goes of. It 's one of these mornings: Tuesday, lots of time till the weekend, lots of work to be done. I reach out for the snooze button, determined to get at least a few more minutes of sleep - and
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There is something new about the name on my wrist.

I gasp, involuntarily. Jack stirs, yawning - and then, as he sees the new letters, he freezes.

"Oh," he says and his voice is very scared.

I remain silent, entirely shocked.

But then something in his face breaks and he breathes in and looks right at me, for the first time in months.

"Lorry?" Jacquelyn slowly smiles at me, her eyes turning very soft. "I - have something to

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