Personal Narrative: John's First Day At School

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John’s first day of school started off rough for him. All he wants to do is play basketball and once the season starts he thinks he’ll fit in better. He needed to stay on top of school and was studying at a starbucks. A girl came in and he thought she was very attractive, he went up to her and started a conversation. He asked her to hang out somewhere else some other time. That then leads to a really good relationship. A few months of training for basketball, being focused, being under the radar, going unnoticed for so long, he finally was able to try out for the team. The coach walked in and he realized that it was Elizabeth the same girl he 's been in a relationship with. He knew she was an unemployed basketball coach and personal trainer, but didn 't know she got a job. She knew he was a…show more content…
John had failed a test and his parents took away his phone. His phone kept going off and his mom looked at who it was, and it was Coach. She looked through the messages and saw what was going on between them. John’s mom took it too the school board to get her fired. Knowing what was going to happen, she quit and left town before the meeting happened and didn 't even say goodbye to John. John loved her and he felt like his heart just got ripped out of his chest. The school board kicked John of the basketball team and suspended him. John was mad at his parents and everyone else so he packed his bags and left town to go find Elizabeth. This story relates to Oedipus because John is Oedipus. He is having a relationship that isn 't acceptable in society, his flaw is his ego when it comes to basketball and girls, he had a change in fortune. He was the star basketball player and then got kicked off the team. He eventually leaves town just like Oedipus. Nathan is like Laius because he got expelled because he got in a fight with John for showing him up. Elizabeth is like Jocasta because she was in an unacceptable relationship & left town so she didn 't have to deal with the
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