Personal Narrative: Jonesboro

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Whenever my mom has company at her house, guests always ask about the plaque that hangs in the living room on the wall. It reads Championship Mvp, 14-0 season, Jonesboro Wildcats. My mom always smiles and says, “Ask Markus about it.” I don’t mind telling people about the championship game. It is after all one of my fondest memories playing sports. The team I played for was called the Jonesboro Wildcats. It’s one of the sixteen football teams in the recreational league for the county I live in. The recreational football team I played for had won the championship the previous year, and were looking for a repeat. The head coach, Coach Buchannan had asked the league commissioner for me to be traded to his team before the season started. It was a shock to me, because it was my first year, and I wasn’t even a starter for the team I was originally on. I had only done one scrimmage…show more content…
They were another undefeated in our league. They were ranked at number one on the standings and we were number 2. When I arrived at the stadium with my teammates we found it fully packed. Unbeknownst, to us at the time the game was advertised over the radio, so people from all over were coming to watch us play. I remember the game being very physical and exhausting mentally. We went back and forth scoring on each other, every mistake costing the other team a touchdown. It came down to the final two minutes in the game we were tied with them. Our coach had said that we need a stop, somebody needs to make a play. Little did I know at the time it would be me to make it. They ran the ball to my side of the field, and I made a tackle that resulted in a fumble that led to us scoring. The crowd in the stadium were ecstatic, I had people calling my name from the stands. I was happy at the time, but knew it was to be short lived, because the game wasn’t over. Their was still enough time on the clock for them to tie the game back up. I was almost proven
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