Personal Narrative: Josiah's Trial

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“This trial is going to be painful to watch…” Josiah said. I’m Josiah Sane, I moved over here with my grandmother. She always had a weak heart so she didn’t come to the trial, but would ask how it went later on at around supper time. He was from Britain and came over so his grandmother could work we got kicked out and took a boat here took a few quizzes, we made it though we had no money so we moved to Maycomb County. The place where life just moves on. “Dang it we are late, let’s go Sean!” Josiah screeched after he checked his watch. Sean gave him that watch for Josiah’s birthday, Sean found it in the dump near the feared Mr. Ewell. Josiah and Sean scurried to the court house and sprinted up the stairs and sat on the top row. They just got

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