Personal Narrative: Joyce M.

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Loving,caring,unselfish and hardworking are only a few of the many powerful words I can use to describe my mentor, Joyce M. I know some people might have experienced what she has been through but nobody is standing as tall as she is today. As we all grow up and age we change mentally and physically. At this point in life I was only about 7 years old. Tall and skinny about 4’5 average with dirty brown hair and dark brown eyes, I was an Emotional but strong minded normal elementary school girl. If I was shy I would always bring out that unique personality of mine,showing how funny or talkative I was. 5’5 thin, being physically fit but ill with brown hair and hazel colored eyes I knew how strong she was. Being the strongest single mother out here…show more content…
She had to be hospitalized and had many exams being done. Not only does my mom not like hospitals,but she never gets sick enough to be hospitalized. Everything turns and I have to stand up and become her example to my family. I led by example and practiced what she preached. Not only was I young but I took care of my family and started to realize how hard it was to really be in her shoes. After weeks passed and she started finding out her illnesses, we got really close. I started going to her more for everything when I would have troubles and struggles. There would never be a day nor dull moment that she wouldn’t listen or give me the best advice. Her being the only one I could trust was not because she was my mother but because she’s already been through what I experience. My mom has had the biggest impact on my life. That being said I never had a father figure in my life to give me advice or to show me right from wrong. She would always step her game up and do what she had to do to make sure I was happy and successful. My mentor is not like any other person. She has that unique personality that you will never forget about. She is what makes the sun shine and the sky get dark at dusk. Not only did she lead me down the right pathway but she allowed me to grow and change into the lady I am today by not letting her problems affect my
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