Personal Narrative: Jud Reincke My Grandpa

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What is inspiration? That question went through my mind when my teacher told me about this project. It really got me thinking about who has inspired me that 's something you just don 't think of, but then I got to thinking and I thought my grandpa. Jud Reincke my grandpa was born and raised in Marshall where he stayed his whole life, married about 60 years,had three kids Mark,Mike,and my dad Norm Reincke. Jud later had four grand kids Matt ,Laurie ,my brother Trace,and me. I think inspiration has many meanings and forms,but to me my grandpa was because he was a world war two vet, a fire chief and was always there for his family. To start with, my grandpa was a fire chief and assistant fire chief for about 22 years in the Fredonia area.

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