Personal Narrative: Just Credle

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Who am I? Well, that would depend on who you are talking to. To some, I am Chris. To others, I am Chief, Doc, or Pastor, and then there is "Hey You". Others refer to me as just Credle, or Mr. Credle. Professionally, I am a Paramedic, a counselor, the boss, and some days I am a teacher and even a preacher. Within my family, I am a father, yet at the same time a son, a brother, a husband, a lover and a friend. Extended family and friends call me Uncle Fuzzy. To the four-legged, furry members of my family, I am the leader of the pack and the alpha-dog. With all these names and/or titles, the title, I hold most dear to my heart is Daddy. You see, a long time ago, a very wise man, my father, told me "Any man who reaches puberty can be a father,…show more content…
As I held Junior, I inspected my child from the top of Junior’s head to the tips of Junior’s fingers and toes. I could see Junior’s eyes and the outline of Junior’s ears. Both arms had already budded off and I could see the outline of Junior’s finger and toe nails. Writing this, I am still amazed. After a very long time of holding Junior, we knew that we had to call her gynecologist to inform them of Amy 's miscarriage. The doctor 's office told us that we had to come in so that they could make sure that Junior was a product of conception. What did they mean?! Yes, Junior is a product of conception, and I am holding Junior in my hands. We went to the doctor 's office. They told us that yes, Junior was a product of conception. The doctor told us that Amy needed to have a Dilation and Curettage procedure better known as a…show more content…
Amy and I now have thirteen children and many more that call us Mom and Dad. We have been Therapeutic Foster Parents for many years now, and we try to stay in touch with every child that has been a part of our family and wants us to be a part of their lives. My oldest daughter, now twenty-six, is married, has an MBA and is working on her CPA. I had the world 's greatest pleasure of walking her down the aisle to marry her husband. I can still remember her long, blond hair blowing in the breeze, as she and her best friend were walking around our neighborhood as young girls. She is my daughter and I am her Dad. Then there are our two boys, our sons. First, the older one came to live with us at age six, then his brother, the younger one, came a few months later, at age four. As time went on, we were allowed to adopt them. The year that we adopted them, it was great. Their adoption papers came in the mail on the day of our anniversary. I have heard them both call me Daddy many times now and I never get tired of hearing it.
I work very hard at being a Daddy. My children, along with all the children of this world, deserve to have a Daddy and not just a father. Some days, it is easy and fun; other days it can be challenging, to say the least. But you know what? A Daddy is who I am. I love it and would not trade it for anything in the world. I thank God above that He is my heavenly Father and that He gave me such a great man and Father that chose to become a Daddy to show
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