Personal Narrative: Kali

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Born with the Right Fundamentals In my life, I have noticed that the students seem to fall into two groups: music kids and the athletes. When we consider these groups, we tend to develop a “High School Musical Effect”, in which we think that people can only be what their certain group allows them to be. Born a music geek, I fell into the first group. Even though I tried sports for a decent amount of my middle school career, I fell in love with band, choir, and drama instead. My sister Kali, however, has excelled at sports for as long as I can remember and naturally decided to follow her own path when she entered high school. Kali cannot only be defined by her talents, but more importantly by her strong will and confidence. If life were a basketball game, Kali could drive right into the lane for a basket. No matter what the task, she gives it her all. For example, she works extremely hard to maintain her grades even during her busy schedule. There are times when she comes home completely exhausted from a practice, yet still manages to have the drive to open a chemistry textbook or start several hours of homework for the following day. You can also notice this amount of effort given on and off the court. If she has an off game, one…show more content…
Kali lives by this motto not only on the court but also in real life. Striving to her goals, she pushes herself to drain the important shots and tries hard to be a leader for the varsity team. It is more than obvious that she puts herself out there and tries her hardest while time is on the clock or in the classroom. In my opinion, these traits are the best recipe for life. As she goes on to college, I’m positive that she will utilize her skills confidently and be driven in her field of choice, marketing. These traits aren’t just worthwhile on a gym floor. Being the confident and driven person she is, I’m certain that her future will hold something
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